EP Credits


Songs written by Vian Zaayman

Recordings performed by Dearly Brothers

Drake Morey – Piano, Synthesizers, Organ

Joseph Kenkel – Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, Vocals

Phillip Englehart – Electric Guitar, Vocals, Banjo, Bass

Christopher Worley – Drums, Percussion

Vian Zaayman – Vocals

Sam Pinkerton – Vocals


Justin Croft – Tracking Engineer

Alex Burns – Tracking Engineer

Alan Davies – Tracking Engineer/ Guitar mixing

Theo Miesner – Tracking Engineer

Vian Zaayman – Production, Mixing Engineer

Drake Morey – Mixing Engineer



Vian Zaayman, Drake Morey


Hein Zaayman – Album Artwork


Special Thanks to,

Hein Zaayman - tips and production tricks

Tom Wasinger - invaluable mentoring and production advice

Devin Whitaker – tips and production tricks

Alex Cordell – Lending Guitar gear /guitar work

Amanda Bell – For getting food in the late night recording sessions

The lovely ladies in our lives – for inspiration


Recordings done in ye olde Nashville bell tower chapel